Where do I start?

Where do I start?

Firstly you must watch the course induction: Click here to watch the AOT Course Induction

Before you can begin your course you must first click the I Accept Course Acknowledgement button.

After watching the induction if you require further support book in a personal course induction.

Studying your online course

Before you can proceed you must read and accept the course acknowledgement page

Your course is made up of units of competency. Each unit of competency is made up of the following elements:

  • Acknowledgement – You must accept this unit acknowledgement before proceeding.
  • Unit of competency details – Links to the performance criteria for the unit.
  • Learning content – Your interactive learning material.
    • If you would like to read your unit content offline, please download the unit textbook, which is located in the unit resources section.
    • Inside every unit’s learning content is an instructions video on how to navigate the elearner guide. We recommend you watch this video before starting.
  • Assessment overview – This outlines the assessment requirements of the unit
    • The assessment overview also contains a link to the assessment notepad. This document can be used to take notes and compose answers while you progress through the content. You may not submit this document in place of the assessments; it is a working file only. In some units, the assessment notepad will be located in the assessment instructions.
  • Unit assessments - Where you submit your assessments questions for marking.
    • Before you attempt your assessments, you should read the assessment overview. All assessment tasks must be written in your own words. Copying directly from the content only shows that you know where to find the information, it does not demonstrate your understanding of the topic.

Complete each unit in the order shown in your individual training plan that was emailed to you at the time of enrolment. Generally, we advise you to start at the top and work your way down. We strongly recommend completing your units one at a time. Do not move onto the next unit until you have completed the unit you started. If you have not received your Individual Training plan, please contact us.

Global Star Enterprises (GSE)

Your course material for this unit is supported by a simulated workplace called Global Star Enterprises (GSE). GSE is used as a basis for some of the content and assessments for your course.

Before you start your course, make yourself familiar with the GSE and the GSE Intranet which is located under the Simulated Workplace section of this course menu.

Mentoring and the virtual classroom

To book a mentoring or virtual classroom assessment session you must book using the online booking calendar which is located under the Information section on the Virtual classroom page of this course menu.

Study tips

The amount of time you take to complete your course will depend on several things including:

  • the complexity of the unit(s) – some units are more complex than others
  • your previous knowledge and experience
  • the amount of time you can allot to work on each unit.

The advantage of studying with us is that you are not bound by the normal timelines that might exist in a traditional learning environment; you can work at your own pace. This allows you to take more time with units that you are unfamiliar with and allows you to work more quickly through those you are familiar with.

By setting yourself realistic timelines you will find that you will work through your course more efficiently. It is our experience that the learners who aim to complete their studies in the shorter timeframes almost always significantly reduce the amount of time they spend on each unit as they hit their groove and their study becomes very efficient.

  1. Set yourself study goals - Study Planner & Calculator Tutorial
  2. Download the AOT Study Planner and Calculator (Excel File)
  3. You should find a quiet place to work without distractions from things like television, family, or roommates.
  4. Turn your mobile phone off or put it on silent.
  5. Don’t get distracted and start surfing the internet for other things.
  6. Consider ergonomics, ensure you are comfortable at your workstation and have good lighting.
  7. Click here for report writing hints
  8. Reward yourself every time you achieve a study goal.

Help desk

We provide a range of support options to best meet your needs including:

  1. AOT course induction – This course inducion will guide you around your online course and introduce the sauceLMS features Click here to view the course induction.
  2. Live chat – Support available by a trainer whilst you are studying 7am - 9pm weekdays.
  3. Contact us form – Use the contact us form to lodge a support ticket.
  4. Student FAQs – Looking for answers? Peruse the list of frequently asked questions.
  5. Mentoring sessions – You can book an appointment with your personal trainer to discuss the learning material, assessment expectations, or assessment feedback. Click here to book a session.
  6. Help & Support – Located on the sauceLMS dashboard. It contains links to important documents and forms.

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