How do I apply for a credit transfer?

How do I apply for a credit transfer?

How do I apply for a credit transfer?


A credit transfer is the recognition of equivalence between a previously obtained unit and a unit that you are wishing to obtain. A credit transfer reduces the amount of learning required to achieve a qualification.

  • AOT will assess your credit transfer application to ensure it meets with the relevant training package rules of the course you are currently enrolled.
  • You will be required to provide a combination of the following information to support your credit transfer application:
    • Qualification certificate; both front page and transcript of results (list of each individual unit you completed)
    • Statement of Attainment / Transcript of Results
  • For a credit transfer to occur the application must be for the same unit, which usually has the same code or similar code. You can check this with AOT Support.
  • AOT will authenticate your provided documentation directly with the issuing training organisation (unless you completed the units with AOT),
    • If you have your course/s registered against your Unique Student Identifier (USI), please login into your USI account, click on 'Provide your USI’ and scroll down to the 'Set up access to your USI/Permissions' option. You will need to select 'Add Organisation' and search for Accredited Online Training, to give permission to us to view and verify your transcript.
    • If it is not registered against your USI please complete and attach the Consent for Verification of Information form with your request.
  • The credit transfer process cannot be finalised until AOT receive a positive response from the issuing training organisation.
  • You will be advised of your credit transfer outcome as soon as we can verify that your previous results are authentic.


In the sauceLMS, go to My Courses, then click on the Credit Transfer button.

Check the boxes to select the units you with to apply for credit transfer for, then click the Request Credit Transfer button.

In your course progress, you will see the status of the unit shows as [ Credit Transfer Pending ]

Once your credit transfer has been approved it will show in your course progress as [ Credit transfer/national recognition ] and you will receive a notification.
If you are replacing a unit in your course with a credit transfer for a different unit it will show as [ Replaced ].

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